Code Of Practice

The growth of Internet users is growing phenomenally year on year, at a rate of more than 200%. This has made it of paramount importance to regulate the Internet services such that the interests of its users, sponsors and operators, including the society as a whole are secured.

  • Compliance with this policy within the framework of the law in the Indian system
  • The executive council is responsible for amendments made to this policy from time to time as per the stipulates of rules and regulations by ISPAI
  • The aim of this policy, or code of conduct is to enable ethical and professional practices in the provision of Internet services
  • The major principles of this code of conduct revolve around being technology neutral, being fair to all stake holders and ensuring protection of user’s data. It does not, however, mandate any control of the content provided by the individual Internet Service Provider through the provision of its services to users
  • Responsibility towards adhering and cooperating with any law enforcement agencies operating within the Indian legal framework
  • Not permitting any user or other members of ISPAI to engage in illegal activities as defined under the Information Technology Act 2000, ISP Policy, and any other legal stipulations under the Indian legal framework
  • Following and adhering to all jurisdictional laws related to the reporting of transactions
  • Not allowing anything unlawful, in any manner including, but not limited to the provision of Internet services or promotional material what so ever
  • Fair dealing with other members of ISPAI and the public, in cognizance of the rights and legitimate interests of all parties
  • Endeavor to support initiatives of interest to public, in compliance with the legal framework of the Indian system
  • To ensure that the services provided or the promotional material shared does not contain anything that may lead to violence, hatefulness or cruelty on grounds of discrimination in terms fo religion, caste, creed or sex
  • Ensuring that members are not registered for Internet services except with the explicit permission from parents or legal guardians.
  • Abide by the terms and conditions laid out in the license agreement for the provision of Internet services
  • Members shall provide information that is accurate, clear and in an as is basis without any omissions or exaggerations in terms of the provision of Internet service, pricing and any operations to their customers and governmental or other private agencies in all their promotional activities and published information
  • Provision of adequate controls to prevent, detect, and eliminate fraud and protect the data and systems from both internal and external breaches
  • Cooperate with all members of ISPAI in the prevention of and investigation of any instances of network breeches or hacking
  • Placement of adequate measures of control to prevent any unauthorized access to the Internet service resources
  • Ensuring that all terms and conditions for the provision of Internet Services are explicitly stated at the outset before a customer registers himself for the provision of the same
  • Make this code of conduct clear to all clients, channel partners and distributors and indicate that any breech of the code or violation of law would eventually result in the cessation of services provided
  • Ensure that customer privacy and confidentiality are safeguarded and appropriately state the practices and procedures followed to ensure the same
  • Follow the best practices in the industry to offer the latest customer filtering software and provide adequate advice to customers on software tools that can be used by them to protect the privacy and confidentiality of their data
  • Follow the best practices in the industry in using anti spamming software to enable the customers to minimize the spam that is sent to their email account
  • To clarify to the customers the need for which any personally identifiable information is collected, such as their telephone numbers, address, or credit card details
  • The nature of this code of conduct being elective in nature for the members of the ISPAI, there is no complaint handling procedure in place at this point in time. However, this may be subsequently reviewed at any later point in time

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